Galaxy News
  • The Big Bang

    this is how we began.

    September 4th, 2014
  • Are We Alone?

    perhaps somebody is watching us now.

    19th June
  • Our Galaxy Is Full of Life

    is their any way we can discover it in our lifetime?

    19th June
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AEWL1JET MarBlue Jetstream iPhone 5 / 5S Case
CP-7940G-RF CP Technologies Cisco IP Phone 7940G - VoIP phone
SKU: CP-7940G-RF
A6725-0131-2055 Mitel Networks VoIP phone - multiline - Charcoal
SKU: A6725-0131-2055
SPA303-G1 Cisco SPA 303 IP Phone
SKU: SPA303-G1
SPA504G Cisco 4 Line IP Phone With Display
CP-7811-K9= Cisco IP Phone 7811 - VoIP phone
SKU: CP-7811-K9=
SPA508G Cisco Small Business SPA 508G - VoIP phone
OBI1022PA Obihai Ip Phone with Power Support Works
CP-7911G= Cisco Unified 7911G IP Phone
SKU: CP-7911G=
OBI1032PA Obihai c with Power Support
CP-7961G-RF CP Technologies 7961G IP Phone
SKU: CP-7961G-RF
OBI1062PA Obihai OBI1062 Ip Phone with Power Support
50006818 Mitel Networks 6869 - SIP Desktop Phone without AC Adapter
SKU: 50006818
CP-8945-K9-RF Cisco Unified IP Phone 8945 Standard
SKU: CP-8945-K9-RF
50006790 Mitel Networks 6873 SIP Phone - VoIP phone
SKU: 50006790
50006819 Mitel Networks 6873 SIP Desktop Phone without AC Adapter
SKU: 50006819
CP-8961-C-K9= Cisco Unified IP Phone 8961 Standard - VoIP phone
SKU: CP-8961-C-K9=
011280 CyberData Singlewire Paging Adapter
SKU: 011280
CP-8845-K9= Cisco IP video phone - digital camera - Bluetooth
SKU: CP-8845-K9=
CP-8851-K9= Cisco 8851 VoIP Phone
SKU: CP-8851-K9=
CP-7945G= Cisco 7945G Unified IP Phone
SKU: CP-7945G=
Mitel Networks Revolabs HD Dual Channel System without Microphone
SKU: 51302471
CP-8865-K9= Cisco IP Phone 8865
SKU: CP-8865-K9=
CP-7965G= Cisco 7965G Unified IP Phone -
SKU: CP-7965G=
CP-7975G= Cisco 7975G Unified IP Phone
SKU: CP-7975G=
CP-8831-K9= Cisco 8831 Unified IP Conference Phone
SKU: CP-8831-K9=