Galaxy News
  • The Big Bang

    this is how we began.

    September 4th, 2014
  • Are We Alone?

    perhaps somebody is watching us now.

    19th June
  • Our Galaxy Is Full of Life

    is their any way we can discover it in our lifetime?

    19th June
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CBL-SAST-0593 Supermicro SAS internal cable - SAS 12Gbit/s
2279900-R Adaptec SAS Internal Cable - 2.6 ft
SKU: 2279900-R
2280200-R Adaptec Mini-SAS HD Data Transfer Cable
SKU: 2280200-R
2279700-R Adaptec SAS internal cable - 3.3 ft
SKU: 2279700-R
AXXCBL740MS7P Intel RAID/SAS Cable Kit - 2.43 ft.
SAS84S450 Startech 50cm Serial Attached SCSI SAS Cable
SKU: SAS84S450
SAS8087S4100 Startech 1m Serial Attached SCSI SAS Cable
SKU: SAS8087S4100
AXXCBL800HDMS Intel SAS internal cable - 2.6 ft
2247100-R Adaptec 3.3 ft. Serial Attached SCSI Internal Cable
SKU: 2247100-R
SAS878750 Startech 50cm Internal Mini-SAS Cable
SKU: SAS878750
2246800-R Microsemi Mini-SAS Data Transfer Cable
SKU: 2246800-R
AXXCBL875HDMS Intel SAS Internal Cable - 3 ft.
2232000-R Microsemi SAS/Mini-SAS Data Transfer Cable
SKU: 2232000-R
765650-B21 HP ML350 GEN9 Smart Array Cable Kit
SKU: 765650-B21
AE470A HP HP SAS Min-Min 1x-2M Cable Assembly Kit - 6.6 FT
S524-01M Tripp Lite 3 ft External SAS Cable
SKU: S524-01M
ISAS88882 Startech 2m External Mini SAS Cable
SKU: ISAS88882
ISAS88881 Startech 1m External Mini SAS Cable - Serial Attached SCSI
SKU: ISAS88881
CBL-SAST-0573 Supermicro SAS external cable - 3.3 ft
00MJ163 Lenovo 1.5M SAS Cable Msas Hard Drive to Msas
SKU: 00MJ163
S524-02M Tripp Lite 2M External SAS Cable
SKU: S524-02M
407337-B21 HP External Mini SAS Cable - 1m
SKU: 407337-B21
00MJ162 Lenovo SAS External Cable - 2 ft.
SKU: 00MJ162
716195-B21 HP Mini SAS High Density to Mini SAS Cable
SKU: 716195-B21
ISAS88702 Startech 2m External Serial Attached SCSI SAS Cable
SKU: ISAS88702
CBL-4488-E1X Atto 1M Cable SAS External SFF8644 to SFF8088
SKU: CBL-4488-E1X
716197-B21 HP External Mini-SAS HD Cable
SKU: 716197-B21
00NV419 Lenovo SAS external cable - 13 ft.
SKU: 00NV419
00MJ166 Lenovo 3M SAS Cable - MSAS HD TO MSAS
SKU: 00MJ166