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  • The Big Bang

    this is how we began.

    September 4th, 2014
  • Are We Alone?

    perhaps somebody is watching us now.

    19th June
  • Our Galaxy Is Full of Life

    is their any way we can discover it in our lifetime?

    19th June

The Big Bang

    The Big Bang is a online e-tailer of computer hardware and software. While we service the Observable Universe, we are actually based out of: Observable Universe.Local Superclusters.Virgo Supercluster.Local Galactic Group.Milky Way Galaxy.Solar Interstellar Neighborhood.Solar System.Earth.North America.United States.Nevada.Las Vegas. In additional to provide great products that ship at or close to light speed for fragments of space dust, we like to delve into the cosmic community. Here is some non-valuable insight...

    So the big bang occurred and a few billion years we are here today. We don't truly know how we got here, but we have created a "best scenario" for which we exist. Some humans include God into this and some don't. That topic is for another day...

    Our company's own big bang began in 2001, where the founders had an idea to develop "specialty stores" out of technology products. You might see these type of stores at your local mall on Earth. So for example...

    We sold phones on

    We sold laptops on

    We sold cables on

    Things went well for us, as the internet grew so did we. However, we struggled to maintain return clients because often people thought we only sold cables (as they were on and would only return once in a while for cable purchases. As the internet grew, our galaxy idea did not grow like the big bang but we grew like the small bang.

    Finally, after years and years of debating, we decided in 2013 to abandon the specialty store idea and move forward with a website that would simply be a technology store, thus was born.

    And while our small bang has become a medium-small bang, we will do our best to service you so that we can start growing faster than the big bang. We understand that we must get technology in your door faster than anybody else, so we are taking requests on the following topics..

    1. How can we get a cardboard box to travel at/faster than the speed of light?

    2. If life is found around another star in the next few years and say that planet is found 20 light years from the Earth, how can we get that product to that customer in a timely manner so that we can receive a "like" on Facebook.

    3. When somebody orders from our warehouse and they are two blocks away, why must it take atleast 24 hours for them to receive their product?

    Technology Galaxy - Shipping to a galaxy near you™

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